Jainaba Jobarteh loves to be social and enjoys meeting people in her community. Jainaba Jobarteh is also passionate about helping those in needs. One of the ways she helps others is by hosting and attending galas that raise money for local charities, organizations and homeless shelters. Jainaba Jobarteh enjoys getting dressed up and knowing that she is helping the less fortunate.

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Jainaba Jobarteh: How To Help People Living In Homeless Shelters

There are people all over the world who are unable to find or afford proper housing. Luckily there are shelters in many areas where these people can live until they find another option. Shelter life can be hard and if you want to help the people living in homeless shelters, these tips can help.


Many homeless shelters are in need of bedding, toiletries, clothing, cookware, and food. If you can donate any of these items, you could be helping out the people living in the shelter.


Many homeless shelters need help from volunteers. You may be able to help clean or organize events or even actively search for homeless people and bring them to the shelter where they can get the help they need.

Raise Awareness

If you can’t volunteer or donate items or you already do but want to do more, you can raise awareness of the homeless problem in your area or of the need for help at a homeless shelter. The more people who know about it, the more help that will be available and the more homeless people who can be helped.

Homeless shelters are a blessing to those who need them, but many of those people have other needs that are unfulfilled. If you are looking for something nice to do for the less fortunate in your community, consider helping out the people who live in a shelter near you. Jainaba Jobarteh tries to donate her time whenever possible.