Jainaba Jobarteh: Experienced, Renowned Professional

Jainaba Jobarteh was born and raised in Gambia. Jainaba Jobarteh dreamed of becoming  career professional one day and worked hard in school to get good grades. Jainaba Jobarteh was accepted into school and after graduating she moved to Madrid to begin her career. Shortly after moving to Madrid, Jainaba Jobarteh met her husband. He is European and she was still learning to speak a new language. They found that they were able to get past the language barrier and soon married. By the time she had mastered the language she was expecting her first child.

She now has a successful career in Madrid where Jainaba Jobarteh specializes in providing top-notch professional services. She is very devoted to her family and when she isn’t working or contributing the community, she is with them. Jainaba Jobarteh enjoys gardening with them and spends a lot of time reading to her children. Jainaba Jobarteh and her family are very social and are active members of their community.

Growing up in Gambia made her aware of the importance of community service and helping the less fortunate. She works hard to help make life better for people living in homeless shelters by donating items and volunteering her time. She also offers professional services one weekend out of each month.

Aside from helping the community she enjoys hosting fundraisers and attending galas. Many of these events raise money for the less fortunate in the community or to bring more things to the community.  She has hosted many charity events herself and invited many business owners and other people in the community who are in a position to help those in need.

Jainaba Jobarteh’s dedication to helping others has earned her an amazing reputation in her community and throughout Madrid. She plans to continue to provide professional services to those who need it and also help build up the community so her family can spend even more time having fun and making memories together.

Visit https://jainabajobarteh.wordpress.com/about-jainaba-jobarteh/ to know more about Jainaba Jobarteh.


About jainabajobarteh

Jainaba Jobarteh is a pediatric physician who has been welcomed into the Madrid medical community with open arms.
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