Jainaba Jobarteh – Finding the Right Mentorship Opportunity for You

Jainaba Jobarteh knows that mentorship is one important component of a successful educational and professional career. As a young medical student, she was lucky enough to have a mentor who guided her throughout her seven years of studying to ultimately decide on pediatrics. Jainaba Jobarteh knows that young people all over the world are in need of a mentor, and she recommends considering the following opportunities for those who may be thinking about entering into a mentoring relationship.

Schools are always looking for dedicated adults who can serve as volunteers in the classroom, and in some cases, that can turn out to be one-on-one mentoring if there is a particular student in need. Another way to mentor specifically with young people is by joining an organization like Big Brother Big Sisters and formally being assigned a mentee that you will meet with regularly.

Enter into a mentoring relationship with a younger person looking for guidance in your profession. There are a handful of websites that will help connect mentors with mentees in this case, although keeping your eyes open in your work environment may work just as well.

Use your hobbies as a way to become a mentor. For example, if you enjoy spending time outside, there are numerous outdoor education organizations that are always on the lookout for volunteers to help with backpacking and camping trips. If you possess that particular skill set, you are a valuable asset to the team.

Jainaba Jobarteh is passionate about her children having multiple role models and mentors in their lives. They live in Madrid.


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Jainaba Jobarteh is a pediatric physician who has been welcomed into the Madrid medical community with open arms.
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