Jainaba Jobarteh – Three Reasons to Learn a Foreign Language

Jainaba Jobarteh is a tri-lingual pediatrician who fully understands the value of speaking multiple languages. Having grown up in Gambia speaking English and Mandingo, she eventually went on to become fluent in Spanish after moving to Madrid with her family to accept a position at a highly esteemed hospital. Jainaba Jobarteh recommends considering learning a foreign language for the following reasons:

  • Learning a new language helps you develop new ways of communicating with people of different backgrounds. Being limited by one language means that you are limited to communication with groups of people who may be quite similar to you in a number of ways while learning a new language completely opens up new opportunities.
  • Language learning can be a creative process as a result of needing to figure out new ways to describe or explain something that you can’t automatically say in a way that is natural or comfortable. You may find yourself inventing new words and concepts simply to get a point across, which can be a bonding experience in and of itself.
  • Learning a foreign language helps build confidence. Being able to manage difficult conversations or situations in a foreign language can make anyone feel like they’ve grown two inches. You’ll be surprised by your capacity to function in the world in a different manner.

Jainaba Jobarteh began taking Spanish lessons while she studied medicine in the United States and has continued with her love of the language after moving to Spain with her family. Her children are fluent in the language as well.


About jainabajobarteh

Jainaba Jobarteh is a pediatric physician who has been welcomed into the Madrid medical community with open arms.
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