Jainaba Jobarteh: Reasons for Food Wastage

Jainaba Jobarteh is a food co-op founder who works with communities in Madrid, Spain. Her wealth of expertise in helping people grow food has also given her a unique insight into another aspect of the food industry that many ignore: food wastage.

Worldwide, as much as one-third of all food that is produced is lost in production and consumption systems. Whether it’s through trimming or food thrown away from the home shelves, a lot of food is wasted every year, and it costs a lot more to dispose the food that’s carelessly thrown away.

One reason why food is thrown away is because portion sizes have increased, leading to uneaten food being left on the dinner table. Some restaurants have adopted supersized portions, but not many consumers take the food leftovers home with them. Next time you happen to leave some food on the plate, have it packed for you, or if you’re at home, store it so that you can snack on it the following day.

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Jainaba Jobarteh: Keeping Food Fresh

Jainaba Jobarteh has been helping communities in Madrid, Spain learn how to grow their food for years. Over time, her expertise has grown from just teaching people how to plant and maintain home gardens to showing them how to keep their fresh produce longer.

Food storage is an issue that mankind has grappled with for long. Man has gone through various methods of extending food’s lifetime, and over many generations, numerous advancements have been made. The refrigerator is one of the modern marvels of technology, capable of extending the shelf-life of food.

Every part of the refrigerator serves a particular purpose when it comes to storing food. The top shelf tends to be the warmest and is ideal for keeping cooked food such as leftovers and premade items such as yogurt. The bottom shelf is the coldest and can be used to store all raw meats and any organic foods. Any vegetables and fruits should go into the salad drawer.

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Jainaba Jobarteh: The Food Co-op Business

Jainaba Jobarteh of Madrid, Spain is proud to be the founder of a food co-op program that has helped change the food ecosystem, enhance local businesses, and create sustainable agricultural networks. Through the program, thousands of people have access to a variety of healthy food choices, showing that ordinary residents can reap the benefits of a community-managed business. By starting the food co-op, Jainaba Jobarteh helped create a vibrant hub for neighborhood development.

Around the world, millions of consumers have started or joined cooperatives for various reasons. What makes these programs attractive is that they operate on transparency, fairness and honesty. In Jainaba Jobarteh’s community, the food co-op was established to focus on consumer needs, provide locally-grown produce to the people, and promote healthy living in the wider society. A nutritionist and long-time medical professional, she knew the program would go a long way in improving lives.

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Jainaba Jobarteh: Volunteer Work

Jainaba Jobarteh believes in the power of volunteer work, mainly when channeled toward a worthy cause. Taking time to volunteer is an excellent way to contribute time and effort towards something of value without expecting to be rewarded. Ms. Jainaba Jobarteh has organized various volunteer efforts in her neighborhood in Madrid, Spain, including walks to help the homeless, serving at food kitchens, and running awareness programs for those interested in having home gardens.

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Jainaba Jobarteh: Making the Most of Things

Having grown up in the countryside of Gambia, Jainaba Jobarteh understood from an early age the struggle of eating a balanced meal with limited resources. She made the most of her education, becoming a medical professional who lives and works in Madrid, Spain. At her adopted home city, she’s established a co-op program that helps put fresh produce in the hands of community members and teaches people about healthy living.

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Jainaba Jobarteh: Home Gardening Tips

Jainaba Jobarteh is a gardening enthusiast who lives and works in Madrid, Spain. She manages a community co-op program to teach locals the art of urban farming and she does it all for the joy of putting fresh produce in the hands of hundreds of members.

During her regular speeches on gardening and health, Jainaba Jobarteh offers tips like these to members looking to start their own gardens:

  • Consider Container Gardening

Tomatoes, carrots, lettuce and many other edible plants can be grown in containers easily. This allows you to give each plant the ideal drainage, soil type and sun exposure easily without worrying too much about garden planning for your first few years.

  • Buy Started Plants

Started plants from a quality nursery are often guaranteed and much easier for a beginner to work with. If you think you’ve never had a green thumb, you might simply need to start with plants that are already thriving.

Learning from someone like Jainaba Jobarteh at a community co-op garden is an excellent way to build the foundation needed to start a thriving home garden.

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Jainaba Jobarteh: Public Speaking

Jainaba Jobarteh lives and works in Madrid, Spain, as a community event organizer. Jainaba Jobarteh is involved with public speaking and she’s the manager of a large community co-op garden. Since launching the co-op garden, which began as just a personal project, she’s gotten involved with public speaking and social events more than ever. In recent years, Jainaba Jobarteh is delivered speeches on how to eat healthy on a budget and how to prepare fresh produce.

Visit https://medium.com/@jainabajobarteh01/jainaba-jobarteh-public-speaking-tricks-d285a967e411 to read more about public speaking.

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